[CSCO2014]肝癌靶向治疗:除了索拉非尼还有什么?——Ghassan K. Abou-Alfa教授访谈

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专家简介:   Ghassan K. Abou-Alfa,MD,斯隆凯瑟琳纪念癌症中心。主要从事原发性肝癌以及胰腺、胆囊和胆管肿瘤的诊疗,在利用新型癌症生物靶向药物治疗化疗耐受性胃肠道肿瘤,特别是肝胆和胰腺肿瘤,提高癌症治疗疗效方面做了大量工作。

  Oncology Frontier: Now we are in a target therapy era for cancer, however, when we talk about HCC, the options are very poor. We are eager for something besides sorafenib. Why is it so difficult to develop a new drug for the treatment of HCC?


  Dr Abou-Alfa: You are right. These have been very difficult years after sorafenib was approved in 2007. Since then, many trials have been conducted and all of them so far have been negative at trying to overcome that ceiling of the anti-angiogenesis therapy with sorafenib where the mean survival is only 10.7 months. I personally think that hope is still there. Two of the options we have are combination therapies. I would like to mention the sorafenib plus doxorubicin versus sorafenib alone clinical trial that we are conducting in the US as part of the NCI efforts. In addition to that, I look forward to seeing different targets other than anti-angiogenic being looked at in the first line setting. Obviously in the second line setting, despite the discouraging news of the three negative clinical trials, there are many others ongoing and we will await those results.


  Oncology Frontier: How many kinds of novel agents are under investigation in phase III trials in advanced HCC?


  Dr Abou-Alfa: At the moment, in the first line setting, there are two in phase III trials and in the phase III setting for second line therapy, there are three. So there is quite a bit of activity. It is just a matter of waiting for results.


  Oncology Frontier: Which one of these novel agents under investigation is most promising for advanced HCC?


  Dr Abou-Alfa: That is a very difficult question. I would not be able to answer as these trials are still ongoing and we will have to wait for the results. The good news is that there is quite a bit of diversity in regard to the targets we are looking at and that reassures us that ultimately we will find the right one.


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